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Another Risqué Regency Romance, and it is definitely time that handsome highlander Ian McPherson got a bit of his own lovin' underway. However, as he likes to say, you can't tell the heart who to love. And he's falling for an unlikely woman...Amelia DeVere.

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Yes, my books are here, in all their glory.

I'm doing my best to prune down unnecessary information and keep up with technology, so this site should play nicely with tablets and smartphones, as well as desktops and laptops. Fingers crossed. My books are grouped by genre, and if you click on the cover you'll go to Amazon, where they obligingly allow you to read a few pages. You can also buy them there, or if you're a Kindle Unlimited member, you can pick them up for free. That's about as easy as I can make it... Subscribe to my newsletter (link on right) if you'd like up to date info on what I'm up to, and be sure to follow me on Amazon. They'll let you know about releases! You'll notice a search button at the bottom of the page - if you're hunting for a special book, try looking there?

About Sahara

Born and raised in England, Sahara grew up with a love of books that was encouraged by her school system and the wonderful literary traditions that lurk around so many British corners. Dickens was a natural, Thomas Hardy and Daniel Defoe soon followed, but Sahara's greatest pleasures came from Jane Austen, who lived not far from where Sahara grew up. A new life began across the Atlantic, and soon Sahara rediscovered her books and took it a step further - writing her first book and signing a contract weeks before her son was born. Since then - with an interval of at-home motherhood - the digital world offered an attractive lure and, as they say, the rest is history.

A Writer's Notes

Sahara's commitment to her readers is profound and never wavers. Of course, she simply can't hug them all, much as she'd like to. But now and again she gets out of her comfy writing nook to attend a convention and touch base with some of the wonderful folks who read her books. Here's her schedule this year.

Authors After Dark - Savannah Serendipity
August 3 - 7, Savannah, 2016

Romancing Lake Tahoe
August 19-20, Lake Tahoe, 2016