About Sahara Kelly


Meet Me

I was born and raised in Great Britain, so it's no surprise that I have found myself knee-deep in Regency romances. I grew up reading the greats - Georgette Heyer, Barbara Cartland, et al., with a helping of Leslie Charteris' "Saint" novels thrown in alongside every Ian Fleming/James Bond adventure.

I read the classic novelists at school: Dickens, Thomas Hardy, and of course dear Jane Austen. Living only twenty miles or so from her home in Chawton helps me to this day when my characters wend their way through the forest for whatever reason. I still recall the scents, the sounds...some things just stay with you.

Now I'm settled in the USA, with husband, son and family, and two spoiled-rotten cats we adore. I've traded one historical area for another, since I'm currently neighbors with Mr George Washington, in northern Virginia.

And I write. Started nearly four decades ago, and I'm still going.

Not much else to mention really. I'm honored to have made some wonderful friends along this odd road paved with words. And a few have been with me from that very first step. They are integral to my life, since writing is an oddly lonely pursuit, but if you've got a buddy who understands? All's good.